-How old are you? When did you start gymnastics? What level are you now?
I’m 14 years old. I started when I was 12 years old. I am on Prep op. which is the equivalent on level 5/6 USAG.

-Why is your theme lime green and purple?

LIGHT INDIGO, ACTUALLY. But those are my team colors, GO ROOTS!

-What level are you?
I’m not really in a level, but I compete Prep op. I’m an intermediate. 
If I were in a level, I’d be a level 5/6, minus some skills. 

Round off Back handspring back handspring back tuck,
Kip, [Squat on COMPLETED!!]

-Why do you always post when you’re supposed to be at school?
i always have my queue on, and it’s almost always filled(;

-I submitted something.. but you never credited me..?
sorry. If I do that, message me the number you submitted, and i’ll add it!(:

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Want to SUBMIT a problem/habit/picture?

How do i get more flexible?
do you have any tips on _____?
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