Did anyone go to the American Cup or Nastia Cup?

myself, I went to the American cup. it was awesome! CONGRATS JAKE DALTON AND KATELYN OHASHI! 

any comments, or questions? i’d love to talk about it!

Anonymous said: yes i am doing the little bigger invitational my meet starts at 12:45 i'm so excited!! when was yours?

Good Luck! i know this is late.. sorry! my friends are in the 10:15 session, but i was at 6? last night! (:

Anonymous said: are you doing little bigger invitational?

yes! it was amazing, i loved it(: are you?

My Gymnastics Team - Harlem Shake

sorry about the bad quality, it was recorded using the front camera of an iPhone.

I’m back!

i’m sorry, you all probably think it was selfish to take a break for so long, but someone hacked my account!! I got it back though! well, I have a meet today! 



time-to-let-it-all-goo said: OMG. LOVE THE BLOG<3

Thank youu!(: it means a lot!